Saturday, February 4

Why need best User experience in Web Design?

Website design is now a common to develop by any industries either its a small or large scale. All business owner want to grow their business and so develop website design with company profile, products and company’ own customer info. Well this is good, because web design can be consider one of step to branding of company. But do you know that how much important about user experience in web design ? Well, this must be think twice before start any web site development process.

There are some rules which must be take care by website designer for website design.

Website Color theme:

Web designer must choose proper website color theme. Mostly as per logo website design theme should be selected. Good color combination will look eye catching to end user and will stay visiting customer for a long time in your website.

User Friendly Nativation:

All hyperlink which we use either in top, bottom or in any middle content, should be user friendly to navigate. Its a web designer responsibility that he design all links in such a way that customer can reach to particular page easily, otherwise it will exit from your website and you will lost the customer.

Hierarchical content structure:

During website design, designer need to setup all main title, sub heading and contents in a proper way. Everything should be in Hierarchical content structure. This will not just benefit for SEO purpose but it is easy to read by the website visitor.

Responsive Website Design:

This is now common to create website in user friendly responsive site. Now most of customer use mobile and prefer to visit site through mobile and so business website must be user-friendly. Web designer need to create all layout including responsive layout.

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