which php framework is best


Hello Friends,

There are so many php developers that are working on core coding and want to shift or want to try php framwork. But problem is that which framework is best for php and how to choose it ?. I am also php web developer and i also faced same problem. I just give you my opinion and experience of php framework.

First of all , i would like to tell that i like my core coding because i can do what i want. In php framework you need to understand all things which are developed by framwork developer. No doubt, that if you work on php framework then your code will be in proper way. Because we have to follow its rules, class , model or function. You can use any php framework. Generally all php framwork are based on MVC (Model View Controller).

I have tried CODEIGNITOR, YII , CACKEPHP and ZEND FRAMEWORK2.   I think if you want easy php framework then you should go for codignitor, yii or cackephp. While zend framework2 seems some complex compare to others. However zendframework1 was easy. But i would recommend to go for zend framework2 because it will suppose mobile application too.  Zend framework 2 based on event manager. Initially you will feel hard but later on it will easy. At present i am still learning it but it becomes complex for me because i am lover of core coding and so.    I have also developed my own MVC, which seems very useful and also think to develop it to use in my coming project.  I have developed this MVC after review opencart shopping cart. I was so impress about its internal data flow and database structure.

So in general way you can follow any php framework which you like. In market there are following best php framework.

  1. CodeIgnitor
  2. CakePHP 
  3. Yii 
  4. CodeIgniter 
  5. Zend Framework-2 
  6. Symfony