WAR between android and IOS

When it comes regarding war in mobile OS , the line between Android and iOS is starting to clear quickly. Choosing a smartphone or tablet platform should be a thoughtful decision because changing iOS to Android or vice versa will require you to buy new applications on Google Play Store (or Apple application ) . Android is now the world’s most communications smartphone platform only uses and is used by many phone manufacturers . iOS only used on Apple devices , the iPhone zoals


Both use iOS and Android touch interfaces thathave a lot in common – swiping , tapping and pinch- and -zoom . Both operating systems for a boot screen, which is similar to a desktop computer . While an iOS home screen contains only rows of icons of applications , Android allows the use of widgets , all the information that is displayed auto – zoals update time and email. The user interface of iOS has a pier where users can deposit your most frequently used applications .

A status bar runs on top on both iOS and Android , which provides information such time, Wi -Fi or cellular signal , and battery life in the Android status bar shows the number of emails or Useful newly received messages .

The video features of Android Jelly Bean and iOS 6.x compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 respectively

Applications available on Android vs iOS

Gets Android apps from Google Play, Hort All that has 600,000 apps available , most whichwill run on tablets. However, some Android devices, Kindle Fire zoals utilize separate applications stores thathave a smaller selection of apps available . Most originally iOS – only applications are already available for Android, including Instagram and Pinterest, and shop more open means of Google applications other unique applications are also available , including Adobe Flash Player and BitTorrent . Android provides access to votes based on Google , YouTube and Google Docs zoals applications.

The Apple App Store offers 700,000 applications hört 250,000 or All are available for the iPad . Most developers prefer to develop games for iOS before developing for Android. Since a recent update , the application of Youtube has become available on iOS, but iOS still offers some applications, including the popular exclusive game Infinity Blade and Twitter client Tweetbot .

The conclusion by comparing Google and Apple app stores is that the most popular applications are available for both platforms. But for tablets , there are more applications designed specifically for the iPad, while Android tablets often versions of Android smartphone applications will expand . Often , developers of new companies focus on one platform ( iOS usually ) when you first launch your application for smartphones Because they do not have the resources to serve multiple platforms from the start. For example, the popular Instagram application started with iOS and Android application came much later .

Device Selection :

A wide variety of Android devices are available in many different price points , sizes and hardware capabilities .

iOS is only available on Apple devices : iPhone as a phone, a tablet like the iPad and the iPod Touch as an MP3 player . These tend to be more expensive than the equivalent hardware that uses Android.

Web Browsing :

Android uses Google Chrome as your web browser while using iOS Safari . Both Internet browsers are similar in quality and capabilities and Google Chrome is also available for iOS . Safari is not available for Android.


Android applications are isolated from the rest of system resources , unless a user specifically grants application access to other features. This makes the system less vulnerable to errors , but revealing confusion means that many applications request unnecessary permissions. The most widespread malware on Android is one where the text messages are sent to additional numbers without user awareness charging and sending personal information to unauthorized third parties . As the operating system is the most popular smartphone , it is more likely to be the focus of attacks.

Malware writers are less likely to write applications for iOS, because Apple reviewing all applications and verification of identity or publishers of applications. However, if an iOS device is jailbroken and installed from outside the Apple store applications , it may be vulnerable to attacks and malware.

iOS pros and cons:

Massive ecosystem of applications : clear advantage for tablet apps on smartphones while the popular applications are available for both platforms generally
Improved integration with Facebook and Twitter is easier to publish and share updates on social networks using iOS Android Due to the depth of synthesis platforms are integrated with iOS .
iOS only apps like Passbook , FaceTime and Square mobile payment application (available in iOS 3GS , 4,4 S , 5 and up , useful only for a limited number of Android phones )
Interface is locked: limited customization options for your home screens , only rows of application icons are allowed. There are no third-party applications are pre – installed by the wireless service provider . Users can only install apps from the App Store
Software updates : Apple offers software updates for all hardware thathave able to handle the new software devices.

Pros and cons of Android:

Massive Selection of hardware : A large number of Android devices are available at different prices with different hardware capabilities , screen sizes and features.
Highly customizable user experience : The home screen can be personalized with not only the application icons , but the widgets allow users to stay connected That or informed . Other examples include SwiftKey , All the keyboard of your Android smart phone and applications that emulate old games consoles modified. Google Apple has fewer restrictions on what type of reproduction allows applications store. For more , you can choose to install Android apps from different places to shop Google Play.

gets Yes No, except in NotificationCenter
Company/Developer Google Apple Inc.
OS family Linux OS X, UNIX
Customizability A lot. Can change almost anything. Limited unless jailbroken
Initial release September 23, 2008 July 29, 2007
Programmed in C, C++, java C, C++, Objective-C
Dependent on a PC or a Mac No No
Easy media transfer depends on model with desktop application
Source model Open source Closed, with open source components.
Open source Kernel, UI, and some standard apps The iOS kernel is not open source but is based on the open-source Darwin OS.
Call features supported Auto-respond Auto-respond, call-back reminder, do not disturb mode
Internet browsing Google Chrome (or Android Browser on older versions; other browsers are available) Mobile Safari (Other browsers are available)
Available on Many phones and tablets, including Kindle Fire(modified android), LG, HTC, Samsung, and others. iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation)
Interface Touch screen Touch screen
Messaging Google Hangouts iMessage
Voice commands Google Now (on newer versions) Siri
Maps Google Maps Apple Maps
Video chat Google Hangouts Facetime
App store Google Play – 1,000,000+ Apps. Other app stores like Amazon and Getjar also distribute Android apps. Apple app store – 1,000,000+ Apps
Market share 75% of smartphones, 3.7% of tablets in North America (as of Jan’13) and 44.4% of tablets in Japan (as of Jan’13). In the United States in Q1 2013 – 52.3% phones, 47.7% tablets. 14.9% of smartphones, 87% of tablets in North America (as of Jan’13) and 40.1% of tablets in Japan (as of Jan’13)
Available language(s) 32 Languages 34 Languages
Latest stable release Android 4.4 Kitkat (October, 2013) 7.0.4 (November 14, 2013)
Device manufacturer Google, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony, ASUS, and many more Apple Inc
Upcoming releases/Release dates Unknown Unknown
Working state Current Current