New Gadget – Wonder Tent

New inventions and gadgets are regularly published by curiosity and a desire to improve their lifestyle and their easier and more enjoyable population activities. I recommend some cool inventions I loved and I think you’ll like it too , and maybe even buy if you are a fan of gadget !
Wonder Tent  A New Gadget
The camp is an opportunity to leave the cosmopolitan world , and a relaxing quality without any form of technology, in a natural environment with products of Mother Nature. So basically , camping is a kind of leakage of the technological world , but ( there is a but ) Orange has a sun awning , this may be the exception in your camping trips developed . It seems to be the “tent of the future” , and it ensures that all electronic devices that you take, including equipment , will work . Together with some consultant American product design , kaleidoscope, creating these modern tent that converts solar energy into electrical energy for our gadgets, used by a bag of wireless charging . This ” Miracle tent ” also has an integrated GPS technology which is very useful in situations where campers lose tent. You can send a text message to his tent and tell him , glowing more , so it is always visible and easy to find . It also has a control panel that indicates the amount of energy produced and the amount consumed. the great feature of this tent is that it is a heater starts to work after the temperature inside the tent under a previously established level . this invention brings camping to a new level , which seems to be the future of this “natural” activity.

Nokia BH-121

Nokia BH-121

Nokia Guru bluetooth headset gets official as the BH-121, own Live Tile in tow

Nokia BH-121 NOKIA

Nokia BH-121 NOKIA

Nokia’s BH-121 Bluetooth stereo headset is now official. The Nokia Stereo Headset BH-121 Bluetooth published a recommended retail price of € 39, which is around Rs 3300, and will be available from December. However, Nokia did not reveal country / where Nokia BH-121 Bluetooth stereo headset available specific regions. The highlight of the Nokia BH-121 Stereo Bluetooth NFC support. Stereo headset can be paired with your smartphone via NFC and a stereo headset comes with several curiously points connect more than one device. In addition, the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-121 also supports Bluetooth pairing for no NFC smartphones.

Nokia BH-121

The Nokia BH-121 measured 39x39x12mm and can be fixed to the clothing by using the locking clip. It will be available in Black, cyan, red, and yellow. The BH-121 LED notification indicator for battery status also sports.

Should i build my own CSS Framework or need to create my own customized one ?

We do not need to create custom CSS grid, framework or whatever you like to call it. There are already so many professional frameworks are availabe. We dont need to waste time on those which is already available in marketing with remove all those bugs which may occur in our custom css framework.

How ever there are advantages and disadvantages to use third party css framework. Before use it, think that is it required to use it for small task or not. Suppose your site is simple and you can create your website in responsive with few links of code, then i suggest dont use css framework, because generally css framworks have large files. In this case, instead of get benefit from css framework, it may overload on your page even if it is simple. So before use it you just think yourself. I am not telling that css framework is bad. It is already good to use it, but it depends on situation and your website design layout. In market there are so many css framework like  Twitter Bootstrap Grid module, Zurb Fundation,, The 1140px Grid, and more.

I suggest to create you own css framework and use it if possible in your small scale website design. You website will load very very fast if your css will be in small size. You can measure it when you will use both css framework and your custom css. Finally, its your own choise what you want to use.

how to use and save php array in cookie using serialize and unserialize

Hello friends,

As an php developer , many times you may need to store php array in cookies. Am i right ?

If you are creating any shopping cart, then you may have requirement to store billing and shipping address in cookies.  To minimize code we like to store billling and shipping address in array. But you may have face problem about how to store php array in cookies. I had also felt same problem. After spend some times, i have founded a very easy steps. Perhaps you may like it.  Many of you had already tried serialize and unserialize php array  in cookies, but may be failure to get perfect results.

How to store php array in cookies :

setcookie(‘mycookiename’, serialize($array) ); 

Just convert php array into serialize as above to store in cookie

To get back php array from cookie, just use given below code

$data = $_COOKIE[‘mycookiename’];
$data= html_entity_decode($data);    // Important
$myarray= unserialize($data);

Output of $myarray and $phparray will be same. You dont require jsonencode or decode. 

Is it not easy solutions ? !!



How to create shadow using pure css property

Hello Friends,

Now html5 and css3 are more important in web design. There are some browser where it does not fully support html5 and css3 like internet explorer. However microsoft trying to support fully html5 and css3 tags like firefox and chrome.   At present i am not comparing any browser, because our aim to  create shadow in div box using pure css property. So now lets see our main goal.

Following is a simple css scripts.

box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888888;

This will add shadow in each div box.   but suppose you want to shadow in any specific div then you can do as under

<style>#mydiv { box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888888; }</style>

<div id=”mydiv”> this is content of div </div>

Primary syntax :

box-shadow: h-shadow v-shadow blur spread color inset;

The box-shadow property attaches one or more drop-shadows to the box. The property is a comma-separated list of shadows, each specified by 2-4 length values, an optional color, and an optional inset keyword.  The box-shadow property allows designers to easily implement multiple drop shadows (outer or inner) on box elements, specifying values for color, size, blur and offset.

With many other ‘experimental’ CSS3 properties, you’ll need to use the following prefixes to support Mozilla and Webkit:

#example1 {
-moz-box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888;
-webkit-box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888;
box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888;

Understanding shadow property with dia gram :

shadow css property

Live example :


    box-shadow: 0 0 5px 5px #888888;
    float: left;
    height: 65px;

text-align: center;

    width: 160px;
    display :block;

background-color: #EEEEEE;



this is test this is test this is test

Responsive CSS Framework By Gumby

Are you a web designer and planning to start or create responsive web design ? If yes, then i would like to refer you a Gumby Framework.  This css framework as following features

1) Fluid-Fixed layout self-optimizes for desktop and mobile resolutions.
2) Gumby Framework defaults to a 960 footprint. Designers and coders rejoice
3) Engineered to be there when you need it, and get out of your way when you don’t.
4) Gumby Framework includes multiple types of grids with different column variations which enables you to be flexible throughout an entire project’s lifecycle. From concept to deployment, Gumby Framework follows your lead.
icon_codebaseGumby Framework includes several types of networks with different variations of that column to be flexible throughout the entire life cycle of a project. From concept to implementation, Gumby Marco follows suit.

For more detail you can visit

Version : Gumby 2


Fixed div box while scrolling window using javascript and css

fixed div while scrolling windows

fixed div  while scrolling windows

Have you used fixed div scroll ?

I think many of you have shown div box which at time of load page, it scrolls when we scroll window, but later on after reach at some specified pixed, div box remains at fixed position. Am i right ?

Such type of windows are very useful in case of advertisement or highlight some contents. However mostly it is used for google ads in blogs. So now i am showing that how you can do it ? Its a very easy simple, you just need to download my sample files. I have used pure javascript and css property for it. There is not any extra file load. I have used  google jquery CDN libray, about which you all are aware.

Javascript code :

<script src=””></script>
$(function () {

var msie6 = $.browser == ‘msie’ && $.browser.version < 7;

if (!msie6) {
var top = $(‘#comment’).offset().top – parseFloat($(‘#comment’).css(‘margin-top’).replace(/auto/, 0));

$(window).scroll(function (event) {
// what the y position of the scroll is
var y = $(this).scrollTop();

// whether that’s below the form
if (y >= top) {
// if so, ad the fixed class
} else {
// otherwise remove it

You can see that code of fixed div scroll is very simple.  At time of initial it detects given div offset and then changed top position as fixed when it reaches at specified pixel. As per given example when top position will touch our given div box then , its css property will change to fixed. In this way while scrolling windows, our div box will be fixed on top.


Download File



Lengths in CSS Property

CSS Length Measurement

As an developer, you may have query regarding which types of length i should use in css property. Am i right ? There are a few CSS properties by taking a length as value. Box model properties are most evident: width, height, margin, padding, border. But many others as well: the offset and the size of a box-shadow or the size and spacing of fonts.  Lets see one bye one with an example. This will help to understand easily.

px  (Absolute length)

.wrap {
width: 400px;

Pixels are always a canonical measure on the web but they are constantly manipulated, many other lengths correspond directly to the pixels, and JavaScript speaks pixels. Pixels are perhaps best considered “device pixels” that this length has nothing to do with the screen pixels literal screen you are watching. It is actually a measure angle. It is supposed to be a value that is standardized across devices and screens, but is increasingly no longer true.


.wrap {
width: 20cm;

centimeters are more familiar and useful as a physical measurement.  We can map to pixels like this 1cm == 37.8px


.wrap {
width: 4in;

‘in’ map directly to pixels.This are not used widely


.wrap {
width: 100cm;

And an order of magnitude smaller== 37.8px

Em  (Font-Relative Lengths)

.wrap {
width: 40em;

A relative unit. Although the length doesn’t change when you change font-family, it does change when you change the font-size.

% (Percentage)

.wrap {
width: 50%;

A length set in percentage is based on the length of same property of the parent element. This is widely used. As specially in responsive design this property helps more.

There are also more length options. About which we will discuss on next articles.  However if you need to see more then just visit

Let me know if you have any query.


Zendframework 2 : how to define global custom functions easily

Hello Friends,

As we know that zendframework 2 is not very easy to learn or understand.  Its true that its 100% pure OOPS. But for beginner it may create problem to understand it. It is not easy compare to ZF1 (Zendframework 1) initially. Zendframework 1 work was easy to understand, but now in zendframework2 it is completely different acrchitecture.  Now load speed is minimized in zendframework 2. But problem for beginner is to implement code.  I am also learning zendframework 2 and founded that it sometimes take more time to code. I

Custom functions

Suppose if you want to use your own custom functions then it is required to updated module.php and other files.    But i have an other short cut using which you can use your own functions very easily. And also you will not required to write anything in module.php, controller or module file. Even you dont need to use namespace or  dont need to use php function ‘Use’ .

Steps to create custom functions in zendframework 2

Step-1 : Just create one file say in  autoload directly. and write your function in normal way

Step -2: At last in this file, you just need to write blank array like following.

Example :

function plus($v1,$v2)

return $v1+$v2;


return array();      // dont forget to write this

That’s it.

Now you just use function name in your model, controller or module in simple way like you were used in core coding. I know that perhaps this is not write way. But to do some task, i think this is very short cut.

Am i right ?





which php framework is best


Hello Friends,

There are so many php developers that are working on core coding and want to shift or want to try php framwork. But problem is that which framework is best for php and how to choose it ?. I am also php web developer and i also faced same problem. I just give you my opinion and experience of php framework.

First of all , i would like to tell that i like my core coding because i can do what i want. In php framework you need to understand all things which are developed by framwork developer. No doubt, that if you work on php framework then your code will be in proper way. Because we have to follow its rules, class , model or function. You can use any php framework. Generally all php framwork are based on MVC (Model View Controller).

I have tried CODEIGNITOR, YII , CACKEPHP and ZEND FRAMEWORK2.   I think if you want easy php framework then you should go for codignitor, yii or cackephp. While zend framework2 seems some complex compare to others. However zendframework1 was easy. But i would recommend to go for zend framework2 because it will suppose mobile application too.  Zend framework 2 based on event manager. Initially you will feel hard but later on it will easy. At present i am still learning it but it becomes complex for me because i am lover of core coding and so.    I have also developed my own MVC, which seems very useful and also think to develop it to use in my coming project.  I have developed this MVC after review opencart shopping cart. I was so impress about its internal data flow and database structure.

So in general way you can follow any php framework which you like. In market there are following best php framework.

  1. CodeIgnitor
  2. CakePHP 
  3. Yii 
  4. CodeIgniter 
  5. Zend Framework-2 
  6. Symfony