new google eye glass

Many of us glued to our smartphones spend a significant part of our day , or other devices . Reading the time , check out the media or otherwise immerse in the large amount of data at our disposal , including it’s hard to do something that will usually attention.With us much new information about Google Glass , we fully support this ” we must consume to know “function – has been renewed.

Google Glass we stop able to do other things while the Internet is used outboard brains , giving a way , this would provide a solution. Glass ” there when you need it and when you’re not out of the way . ” Because, according to Google is made

The first units of glass for the total consumption in April and Google to tune the device using the period of semi – public testing and getting used to the world after (they had to enroll in the lottery for the privilege WHO) , the early adopters Wearables Have Been together for consideration