New Gadget – Wonder Tent

New inventions and gadgets are regularly published by curiosity and a desire to improve their lifestyle and their easier and more enjoyable population activities. I recommend some cool inventions I loved and I think you’ll like it too , and maybe even buy if you are a fan of gadget !
Wonder Tent  A New Gadget
The camp is an opportunity to leave the cosmopolitan world , and a relaxing quality without any form of technology, in a natural environment with products of Mother Nature. So basically , camping is a kind of leakage of the technological world , but ( there is a but ) Orange has a sun awning , this may be the exception in your camping trips developed . It seems to be the “tent of the future” , and it ensures that all electronic devices that you take, including equipment , will work . Together with some consultant American product design , kaleidoscope, creating these modern tent that converts solar energy into electrical energy for our gadgets, used by a bag of wireless charging . This ” Miracle tent ” also has an integrated GPS technology which is very useful in situations where campers lose tent. You can send a text message to his tent and tell him , glowing more , so it is always visible and easy to find . It also has a control panel that indicates the amount of energy produced and the amount consumed. the great feature of this tent is that it is a heater starts to work after the temperature inside the tent under a previously established level . this invention brings camping to a new level , which seems to be the future of this “natural” activity.