How to Enable and Disable Comments in wordpress ?

Have you problem to enable or disable wordpress comments. No problem. I will show  you that how you can eable/disable comments in wordpress. Its very easy to eanble and disable wordpress comments.

Open :
Settings -> Discussion screen.

enable disable comments

Here you will find many options to set as per your requirement. If you want to edit in bulk edit, then follow following steps.

Bulk Edit Options :

  1. Go to the Posts -> All Posts screen in your blog dashboard.
  2. Select the posts you would like to modify or check the box next to “Title” column at the top to select all posts on that page.
  3. Select Edit from the Bulk Actions drop down menu.
  4. Click the Apply button.
  5. Change the options for Comments and Pings to Allow or Do not allow.
  6. Click the Update button.
  7. Repeat with your Pages.

Theses are the basic steps and information regarding enable and disable comments in wordpress. I will also publish other post to get more idea regarding enable and disable comments in wordpress.