CSS border property

The CSS border properties define the borders around an element.

Using css border properties, you can specify the layout style for any element’s border. As you know that in html generally we use table to create borders for element like text etc. You can do these all using css border properties. Css border property includes properties like setting border width, border color, border style etc.

CSS Border Property includes property like :

– boder
– border-bottom
– border-bottom-color
– border-bottom-style
– border-bottom-width
– border-color
– border-left
– border-left-color
– border-left-style
– border-left-width
– border-right
– border-width
– border-top-style
– border-top
– border-top-color
– and more

CSS border example

p.dashed {border-style: dashed; }