Solved – skype error , Cannot find or load Microsoft Installer while installing Skype – windows

Recently many people may have faced issue regarding upgrade skype.

Perhaps you may have seen this error “Cannot find or load Microsoft Installer while installing Skype”.

can-load-microsoft-loader-skypeYou dont need to worry. I will give you simple solutions to resolve this issue and upgrade skype.

Please following this steps


Open this URL    This will instant download .msi file.

Step: 2

Signout and close your skype, if you are already logged in. This is not mandatory , but it is a good practise while upgrade software.

Step: 3 
Click on downloaded .msi file. and follow installation process.

Step : 4

Finish.   Now skype is ready with updated version.

skype-upgrade-issue-in-windows-10I hope you liked this instruction.  Enjoy skype…


extract object of responseJSON

I solved a synchronous problem with ajax that way to use deferred function. I get as an response now big object with statusResponse etc etc inside.

My JSONP Objects are also successfully stored in responseJSON Object. How Can I extract it or save it in another variable ?


var web = new webService();

and here the class

function webService() {

this.init = function(app) {

    var d = this.connect(app).done(function(){});



this.connect = function(app) {

    return $.ajax({
        url: 'working url',
        dataType: 'jsonp',
        jsonp: 'jsoncallback',
        timeout: 5000


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