best free antivirus 2017

Are you searching best free antivirus ? I did some review of best antivirus of this year. Yes, not all are perfect. Each antivirus software may have some pros and cons.  However as per usability and with some other ranking i have tried to show you top free antivirus software for you.




Avast :   

Fast, Light and Easy to Use. Packed with the largest threat-detection network, machine-learning protection, easy password management and home network security that won’t slow down your PC.

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Avira antivirus:

Awarded for its protection and performance by leading authorities in the security industry. Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG is a German multinational security software company that provides antivirus software, Internet Security, Privacy, Identity and Performance tools for computers, smartphones.

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Quick Heal:

Quick  security solutions and dedicated teams are acknowledged year after year by associations, the media and industry organizations. Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. (Formerly Known as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the leading IT security solutions company. Each Quick Heal product is designed to simplify IT security management across the length and depth of devices and on multiple platforms. They are customized to suit consumers, small businesses, Government establishments and corporate houses

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AVG Antivirus:

Get extra protection against attacks that encrypt your personal photos, documents, emails, etc. for ransom. AVG Internet Security’s anti-ransomware technology shields your files so your PC can’t be held hostage. This software really block  ransomware attacks with Internet Security. I had used this software before 10 years and i was very satisfy. Till today i prefer to use this software. I am not saying this this one is good, but i dont want to change with new antivirus because of i became use friendly UI of this AVG and so.



Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 In India – Pros and Cons and price

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3


PRICE FOR INDIA : Rs. 9999 to Rs. 12000

Xiaomi launched redmi Note 3 smartphones in India, a variant of the handset to introduce in the country based on Qualcomm. This is the first international launch of the note Xiaomi redmi 3, which was launched in November last year in China carry a MediaTek Soc showcased.

The new variant of the Xiaomi Note 3 redmi Snapdragon 650 SoC Qualcomm and runs Xiaomi it claims the first smartphone in the country, this is to do. It will be available in dark gray, champagne gold and silver colors, and Xiaomi said the smartphone its third “is Making India supply in the country.

best look
including a 2 GB RAM and 16 GB built-in memory and other 3GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in memory – The redmi 3 notes are in two versions of RAM and storage available. The 2GB variant is priced at Rs. 9999, while the 3 GB variant is priced at Rs. 11999th It is from Wednesday to and available. It will go on sale on Flipkart and Snapdeal at a later date.


  • Great looks and build quality
  • Vivid display
  • Strong CPU performance
  • Very good battery life
  • Offers good value



  • Expandable storage limited to 32GB
  • Camera could have been better

You can buy at   :


New Apple’s iWatch


Before the iPhone 6 came dummies in focus, it was a SmartWatch that when someone mentions Apple jumped to mind. Because Apple WWDC came and went without an iPhone, iPad or iWatch, the rumor mill is now moving his predictions for October.

According to an Apple supplier and sources close to the matter Apple in October (perhaps next to an iPhone or iPhone) to solve its SmartWatch and intends to 3-5 million units per month. Sources speculate that the iWatch could be a curved OLED display and sensors to collect data such as blood sugar, calories burned, sleep activity and oxygen content in the blood sport. The SmartWatch could collect biometric data with your iPhone Touch ID as well.

The iWatch is expected that a modified version of iOS running 8 and we think it will have Apple’s new HealthKit bunch of fitness-tracking apps in tow.

Neuroscientists toward understanding how the brain works – Brain Mapping

Neuroscientists toward understanding how the brain works has made great strides in recent years . U.S. initiative brain will try to create a comprehensive picture of brain activity while in the coming years , Europe’s Human Brain Project , a computational simulation of the human brain will try to make . These ambitious projects would greatly benefit from a new resource : detailed and comprehensive map of the brain ‘s structure and its various regions . As part of the Human Brain Project , German and Canadian scientists led an international team of researchers in the last 50 times the resolution of such a map is a three- dimensional atlas of the brain were produced . Which took a decade to complete atlas , slicing a brain in thousands of thin sections and digitally stitch them back together with the help of supercomputers is required .

As small as 20 micrometers, about the size of several human cells is able to show the details , the brain anatomy.To three-dimensional digital reconstruction of the brain is a major step forward in understanding the guide , Jülich Research Center Katrin Amunts researchers led by a 65- year-old woman in Germany at the start of an MRI machine used for post-mortem brain image . The brain was then cut into ultrathin slices . Scientists stained sections one by one on a flatbed scanner and then imaged. Alan Evans and his colleagues at the Montreal Neurological Institute, a terabyte in size , resulting in about 7,404 images organized in a data set . Evans had to overcome these defects in images so that slicing , bent, torn , and the tissue was torn. They also combine in the brain, each one in its original condition . The result is mesmerizing : the arrangement of cells and tissues to check you out or zooming, a brain model that can swim through .

In the early 20th century , Korbinian Brodmann , a German neuroanatomist sections of the brain under a microscope, looking at the structure and organization of the human cortex into 50 different areas parceled. ” That’s what we ‘ve used that for 100 years has been very much the model structure , ” says Evans . As they map the boundaries between brain areas Brodmann now he and his colleagues are redoing work . Results for the study of various brain functions , providing scientists with a more accurate road map , more like 100 to 200 may show different areas . Amunts nerve fibers in the brain tissue to reconstruct the three-dimensional structure that uses polarized light which is developing a technology . And Karl Deisseroth, a bioengineer at Stanford University , a neuroscientist and developed in the laboratory technique called clarity , scientists directly intact neurons in brain circuitry and allows for viewing of the structures . Because the fat cells in your brain to block light , like any other tissue , is usually opaque . Clarity leaves intact and visible to other structures, replacing them with a gel-like substance , lipid melts away . Clarity can be used on a whole mouse brain , human brain technology completely intact with the current version is too large to be studied . But Deisseroth technology already is easier and less error prone 3d reconstruction , a thin brain, human brain tissue section thousands of times larger than can be used to block calls .

Nokia BH-121

Nokia BH-121

Nokia Guru bluetooth headset gets official as the BH-121, own Live Tile in tow

Nokia BH-121 NOKIA

Nokia BH-121 NOKIA

Nokia’s BH-121 Bluetooth stereo headset is now official. The Nokia Stereo Headset BH-121 Bluetooth published a recommended retail price of € 39, which is around Rs 3300, and will be available from December. However, Nokia did not reveal country / where Nokia BH-121 Bluetooth stereo headset available specific regions. The highlight of the Nokia BH-121 Stereo Bluetooth NFC support. Stereo headset can be paired with your smartphone via NFC and a stereo headset comes with several curiously points connect more than one device. In addition, the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-121 also supports Bluetooth pairing for no NFC smartphones.

Nokia BH-121

The Nokia BH-121 measured 39x39x12mm and can be fixed to the clothing by using the locking clip. It will be available in Black, cyan, red, and yellow. The BH-121 LED notification indicator for battery status also sports.

Yahoo ties up with Google for using AdSense


Yahoo Inc on Wednesday announced an advertising alliance with Google, the company that dethroned the pioneering Internet firm in the world of Internet search. Yahoo gave the example of someone online shopping for boots being shown an ad for something completely unrelated because no advertisements for footwear were available in inventory.

Google will use its online ad targeting skills at some Yahoo! properties, stepping in to put relevant marketing messages in available spaces, according to Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo!. It also raised the possibility of Yahoo turning to Google to power Internet searches at its website, once freed from its current deal to use Microsoft’s Bing service.
Yahoo has been trying to reinvent itself since the once-flowering Internet search service found itself withering in Google’s shadow.